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I'm Heidi and have been making art using post-consumer waste for about 5 years. It all started with an interest in colourful and creative package design. I started realizing how much well designed packaging gets thrown out every day and was inspired to find better uses for it. I started collecting and creating with different types of post-consumer waste and recycled materials that I came across in my travels.

My goal is to create clean and modern upcycled items that look nothing like the scraps they once were. Upcycling is different than recycling because it is taking a raw discarded material and making it into something of higher value. Recycling takes a discarded material and puts it through a process (melting, fusing, mushing into pulp, etc) before making it into something new.

I am a total packrat and collect a wide variety of materials so if you see a design you like but imagine it in a different way or with different colours, just let me know and I'll do my best to create something special for you!

I'm constantly experimenting with new materials and designs so check back to see my latest projects!

Everything is made by me in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

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handmade recycled journals, luggage tags, paper goods, and more!

Hello! I'm Heidi and thank you so stopping by! Everything in my little shop is inspired by and created with upcycled and recycled materials. I use a variety of plastics from local factories, vintage maps & stamps, recycled papers, fused plastic, and more!